How to create an email account on cPanel

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Navigate to the email section and select email accounts

Now fill in the following information

Email: This is the prefix before the domain, e.g., let’s say I set it to admin, my email would be
Password: Enter the password you wish to login with
Password (Again): Confirm your password selection
Mailbox Quota: This is the amount of storage you wish to assign to the mail account, in this case, I shall assign 1gb which is 1024mb
Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions: Whether you wish to send a welcome email with instructions on setting up your email to the mailbox
Now click save changes

Login with the details you set in step 3
Click on the email client you wish to use (we recomend horde)

Once reaching your email, if you enabled “Send welcome email with mail client configuration instructions” in step 3 you will already have an email there with help on setting up your email!

If you need any further help, please contact us.
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