How to install the WHMCS panel via cPanel.

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You’ll need to obtain a WHMCS licence, SerNet Hosting provide a free WHMCS licence on all reseller plans.
Alternatively, you can purchase one directly from WHMCS here.
Head into your cPanel (click here to find out how)
Once in the panel, search for “Softaculous” or scroll to the bottom of the page until you see it.
Click on the Softaculous Apps Installer module and it should greet you with a page that looks like the image below

On the left hand site, you will see a search bar. In there, you can search for “WHMCS” and you should see a panel that says WHMCS.

Click the button that says “Install Now” and then fill in all the required details.

WHMCS will now start installing, like the picture below shows.

WHMCS should now be almost ready! If you have any issues with anything shown in the tutorial, feel free to contact us here.
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