How to install WordPress on direct admin

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Select softaculous app installer from the extra features drop down
On the left-hand side search “WordPress” and select wordpress

Click install now
Please configure as per the following in the software setup section:
Choose the version you want to install: Leave auto-selected
– Choose Installation URL:
– Protocol: https:// (If it informs you you do not have an SSL please close the installer, follow this tutorial and then re-follow this one
– Domain: Select the domain you wish to install WordPress on
– Directory: IF you want to install it on just your domain and not then set this to blank otherwise set it to the directory you wish to install it on

Please configure the site settings section to your liking

Enter the admin account logins you wish to use
Select the language you want to use, and tick Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer) for security.
Select the theme you wish to use or use blank to use the default one
Now select install
It now gives you the links to access your site and the admin control area where you can enter your admin login credentials

You have now installed WordPress, please contact us if you have any questions

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